We have all of our videos uploaded to iMemories as a safe place to keep them in case we get robbed or our house burns to the ground probably as a direct result of my cooking.

His perspective is so much healthier, and I try to make that shift, but again, every time I watch a video with Erik it, I cringe. My heart sinks. I have to shake my head in hopes that the sadness will loosen and fly out to haunt somebody else. Please snuff out your ciggies and read on. A lot people suffer from asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, you know, sometimes through smoking, emphysema, etc.

Erik: Lung disease, not being able to breathe, not being able to get enough oxygen. I like the concept of fish out of water. Your lungs, you have asthma, allergies, whatever it is.

You need to move to Florida. You need to head to the beach. You need to let the salt air heal you. You need to go to this region and let this heal you. Erik: But what do we do today? Come back to my medical office so I can give you some more prescriptions. Erik: Right.

Treating Methods for Bronchitis

Yes, yes. Jamie chuckling : Kind of off topic. Erik: You know, air quality, mold, pollution, mildew. Erik: We gotta get real. You can come stay with us. Me: So are you saying that the main spiritual root for lung diseases is not protecting your own space and your own needs?Have an itchy throat? Wondering the metaphysical meaning of coughing a lot? When I was in my twenties, I got a ticket on a research trip to Ecuador to study the food systems of the jungle compared with the food systems of the mountainous north.

At the time, there was a limited transfer system between the people growing crops in the lowlands of the rural parts of the country and the people growing plants at high altitudes. So ultimately, everyone up on the mountain was eating tons of potatoes and other cold-weather foods, and a lot of it, and everyone down below was eating a ton of fruit. Both parties were malnourished. However, if a stable transfer system could be implemented, all parties would have all the nourishment they needed.

While there, as researchers trying to figure out how everyone could eat, be nourished and trade foods, we met with Shamans, executives at the World Health Organization and leaders of the communities.

Picture of South American mountain valley with sheep. Image by Loretta Rossiter from Pixabay. What I learned on that trip was that food distribution is a lot more complicated and involves deeper social issues than merely arranging a truck to go back and forth.

I also learned that some physical problems are not entirely spiritual. For example, a few of the Shamans I met while there, thought that parasites were a physical concern that did not have a spiritual origin. I happen to agree with the idea that not everything has a spiritual origin, and some of it, could be vector related. All this to say, if you are continually ill for any reason, it could have a physical input source rather than a spiritual one. Routing out the spiritual areas of imbalance can definitely help.

You can also receive spiritual guidance on physical issues, such as where to look for help and nutrients that could assist you. If you have a tickle in the throat or a dry coughand there is no explainable physical reason for this, something Spiritual may be happening.

Image of a woman touching her chest over her heart. Spirit may be attempting to speak through you - through your clairaudient abilities, and there may be other aspects of yourself wanting to be heard. Within the energetic center of the fifth Chakra, the throat, you can share what you genuinely feel, and you also can hear the real and genuine feelings of others. So a tickle in the throat can also represent a Throat Chakra block. Give yourself the time, space, and attention to begin to listen to those in Spirit around you.

Use the affirmation, I am noticed and appreciated in the most positive ways. If you believe a Spirit is linking in with you and causing this tickle, tune in.

Hearing Spirit begins as hearing a buzzing, a ringing or a popping in your ears. It can also start as hearing short, direct, and brief voices in your head. It can even begin, in a very unsuspected way.

Do You Have Grief Trapped in Your Sinuses?

Some people feel a tickle when Spirit is attempting to connect with their energy. Spirit can enter into your energy space and merge just ever so slightly with you. While here, Spirit can say the words of the Divine right from your own mouth or if you are writing, deliver them right from your own hands. Have you ever given an eloquent speech to someone, that you knew was really good, but right after, you have no idea where that came from or how you knew that?Symptoms of Awakening and Healing Crises.

There is a very deep cleansing and purification taking place in the world. I have to admit it is not easy at times but it helps if you educate and inform yourself. This leads to empowerment Symptoms like fever, sneezing, coughing and even headaches can be symptoms of spiritual awakening as well as healing crisis.

spiritual root of cough

Flu like symptoms and fever means the body is flushing the toxins out of your system and a powerful charge and healing happens in your chakras. Usually headaches happen when too much opening is going in the crown chakra and third eye chakra pineal and pituitary and body is not prepared to receive so much energy.

You can ask Spirit to lessen the energy flow of transmission. When diarrhea and nausea happens, it? God knows how long this chakra has been blocked so be happy you are opening up and releasing stagnant energy. The thing is that we hold so much garbage in the solar chakra and it is usually fear of change and lack of courage and confidence. When you vomit and you gotta rush to the bathroom be happy, celebrate as you are getting a good body cleanse! Some people have to go through an Epsom salt liver flush to accomplish this Heart palpitations, rapid heart beat, discomfort in the heart energy center is related to awakening and opening of the heart chakra - the center of love and compassion.

There are more symptoms like mood swings, depression, muscle and join pains, being super sensitive to energy, crying for no reason, fatigue, changes in weight, changing in your diet many meat eaters find it hard to accept the vibration of meat as being very dense.

When these things happen you are going through a big shift. Accept it, embrace it, go with the flow as you are cleansing, purging, preparing for a new healthy body and mind. Old non constructive thoughts, negative patterns and belief systems are changing into good attributes. In my FREE ebook " Balance your 7 chakras for Spiritual Awakening ", I share more information about these Symptoms and also ways to lessen the symptoms by clearing the chakra system.

Get my Free Ebook Here Drink plenty of good water with lemon to help the detoxification process. Yoga and meditation helps a lot with purging as meridians and chakras start to slowly awaken. Being in the nature is also very helpful, hiking helps ground. Ground yourself : it's important, you are connected to Mother Earth. Feet chakra balancers -orgone helped me not only ground myself but stay present when some these sympyhoms were challenging.

It will pass, it is temporary. You are changing. Your body and mind becomes lighter. You are upgraded to a new lighter and more powerful and spiritual version of you.Many people get well only with the help of medication.

But there are many natural ways to help your body heal. When you are using natural remedies, they have no side effects upon your body. Ginger is a great and delicious ingredient for a healthy and healing tea.

Ginger root is a natural antiviral. It allows your body to fight the bacteria and viruses causing cold. It is also antiseptic and anti-inflammatory. Therefore, it cleanses your lungs and throat and reduces the inflammation on those areas. Ginger root improves your immune system, allowing you to fight cold much easier.

The compounds of this plant have decongestant and antihistamine properties. Which ease the symptoms such as runny nose and full sinuses. Ginger root is the best ally in fighting rhinoviruses. Due to its compounds called sesquiterpenes, ginger root tea fights rhinoviruses specifically. Ginger tea stimulates perspiration.

spiritual root of cough

Therefore, it stimulates the elimination of toxins. And it also reduces pain and fever. You will need only two things, ginger and water. Cut approximately 10 gr of ginger root into thin slices. Meanwhile put a cup of water on the heat. When the water starts to boil, add the ginger slices.

Let it boil minutes.Help One Another.

spiritual root of cough

There are always several causes present. That stands to reason that the best results in healing come from the combination of therapies. We are the ones who decide whether to neglect our bodies or whether to take responsibility for ourselves and do our part to stay well.

Answers to any health concern or spiritual block are found within these 14 causes of ill health. All of us want to be perfect in body, mind and spirit. Physical neglect involves a lack of proper nutrients, sleep, learning and exercise.

Self-discipline is the key. Spiritual neglect is ignoring the warning signs of the body. The mind is the master controller of the physical body. Our emotions are the master controller of our spiritual body. Developing will power is essential to counteracting spiritual neglect. The will power to change your present situation and to start and finish projects.

People who have a purpose in life seldom get sick. Use meditation and healing with light and sound. Trauma or injuries to the body typically occur from accidents and operations. An injury rocks or offsets the aura, an operation cuts the aura. In all cases of trauma to the body we must heal the injured part and heal the aura. Within the realm of spiritual trauma are prenatal, birth and childhood trauma. Destructive thoughts, words and fears of the parents and traumas such as being lost or unloved can last a lifetime.

Likewise, singing, listening to good music and prayers promote children who are more loving, giving and brighter. If untreated, any form of trauma can lead to congestion in the body. In the category of Trauma, a saliva reading checks for problems in the body due to: accident, blood clots, bones, bruises, clavicle, difficult birth, displaced organs, operation, radiation, scar tissue, shock, short circuit in the system, skin trouble, tailbone displacement, and whiplash.

After a lifetime of eating wrong food combinations poisoned by chemicals, additives and no energy, our bodies rebel. Nothing works any longer. The eyes give out. Everything hurts. The blood pressure goes up and down with every mood. Most health problems are partially or totally due to a toxic, overloaded alimentary tract. The most effective treatment for physical congestion is short term fasts and cleanses.

With spiritual congestion, it is the chakras that become congested. There is an electrical shortage. Energy does not flow through our bodies. We become stagnant.We are taught that colds are caused by viruses and that you will catch a cold when your immune system is not strong.

The classic recommendation to boost your immune system is vitamin C. Yet, why is our immune system sometimes strong enough, other times not, despite following all the rules of getting enough sleep and maintaining healthy nutrition to keep up our immune system? Every physical issue has an emotional and mental component which has been left out of the equation in the explanation above.

It is not a coincidence when you get sick with a cold. The common cold is linked to a conflict in our life, a situation of overwhelm or stress. Hay, Heal Your Body When I have a sinus problem I am usually annoyed with or angry at somebody else — or at myself.

I need to acknowledge my anger and release it. You may feel the same helplessness and despair, the same need for comfort. So, if you have a bad cold, you may want to see if there is some crying or grieving you are repressing, some deep feeling that has been pushed aside. Is this a cry for attention because everyone seems to be taking you for granted? Do you need to get ill in order to be taken care of? Key questions to explore the situation further are: What is this cold preventing me from doing or having?

What is it allowing me to do or have? What am I experiencing and how do I feel about it?


The phase of the cold when we have the symptoms is already the healing phase. Preceding that phase in which we are sneezing and coughing is the conflict phase. This conflict can be an event in our life. Sometimes it is a major event like losing our job, the break-up of a relationship or our pet dying, sometimes an event like a fight with our partner or being stressed about a situation at work.

During this conflict we are in fight or flight mode. After the conflict is resolved, our body goes into recovery mode.We are very complicated beings. When we deny our feelings, when we suppress our emotions, when we avoid our inner truths, when we sacrifice our own needs for the needs of others, our spirits will do whatever it takes to get our attention, even if it means making us sick.

If we ignore our emotions and spirit long enough, they will use our bodies to get our attention. We should care about the other people in our lives and we owe it to them to acknowledge their needs, their desires and their truths as equally as valid as our own.

Yet we should not ignore our own needs, desires and truths. We are meant to interact with, live with and love with others, but we must maintain balance between their truth and our own. Coughing can be accompanied by cold, sore throat, or many other maladies. Translating related physical symptoms may help pinpoint the underlying cough emotion. As the unshed tears drain from the sinus cavities down the throat, the spirit tries to force the grief out with a cough. There is always a polite, tactful way of expressing ourself without causing harm to others.

At the end of the day, the fact remains that only you can figure out what deep, unspoken feeling your spirit is trying to force out by causing the cough.

And just like the physical body, the emotions and spirit need time to heal once the unspoken grief and truth are out. Give yourself time for all of them. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account.

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