One of the downsides to being a popular online influencer with millions of fans is the need to think about your personal security — all the time. For the YouTube creator Preston Arsement, being recognized by his followers can happen multiple times a day.

But you also have to understand that because you are influencing this generation, you have to always be on your toes and best behavior. Not that we aren't off camera, but we can't always be as 'laxed. Arsement said he will typically wear a hat if he wants to avoid getting recognized in public. But he said parents of his fans have taken things one step further, showing up to his office uninvited and bringing their children to see him.

He said this happens pretty frequently and if he is at Target, he will probably get noticed at least a few times walking in and out.

Although fans don't show up to his house often, when they do it can get annoying. He said he noticed a spike in fans noticing him after he switched his content to vlog-style videos, rather than gaming videos. Many other top creators, like Jimmy Donaldson, who goes by MrBeast online and has 22 million subscribers on YouTubeand the popular YouTube twins Ethan and Grayson Dolan, who have 10 million subscribershave spoken about their struggles with personal security.


On July 21, Ethan Dolan tweeted : "Hate to say this again but don't come to our house or the cops will be called. No ones home should be invaded.

Donaldson replied : "This is starting to become a big issue for me as well. It's creepy as hell. Arsement said it doesn't bother him when fans approach him and ask to take a picture with him. But when his family is involved, it gets more complicated. He said his younger siblings are also often recognized from being featured in his videos. His younger sister was on a two-week mission trip in Israel, and said on her last day nearly kids, and fans of Arsement's content, approached her, Arsement said.

Overall, Arsement hasn't changed much about his lifestyle, but has just become more aware of his general surroundings. And I really like when the fans are respectful and send a letter. Arsment has a PO box where fans can send letters, which he encourages and said is a much safer way for his followers to reach out. Account icon An icon in the shape of a person's head and shoulders. It often indicates a user profile.

Login Subscribe. My Account. World globe An icon of the world globe, indicating different international options. Amanda Perelli. YouTube creator Preston Arsement is sometimes recognized by fans multiple times a day, while at places like Target or the airport.

Arsement told Business Insider that he will typically wear a hat if he wants to avoid getting recognized. But he said that it can become annoying when the parents of his fans show up, uninvited, to his office with their children. He said that one family drove from Missouri to his office in Texas uninvited just to see him.

Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories.Do you want to know where is PrestonPlayz house? If you want to know where is PrestonPlayz house, now we suggest you to do not go anywhere and keep staying on this page. Based on the research, the real name of Preston is Blaine Arsement.

He was born on May 4, Currently, Preston is 25 years old. Lots of people known him as PrestonPlayz. Well, let us to talk about his personal life. According to the research, Preston has four brothers. Besides, he also has one sister. His brothers are David, Daka, Caleb, and Joshua. While his sister is Keeley. When he was three months, his biological mother and adoptive father married.

But, Preston stated that his new father loves him as much as his biological children. Besides, Preston has also said that he do not want to meet his biological father. Aside from that, Preston also has a cousin who run YouTube channel. As of January 27,his cousin announced that his YouTube channel was changing to strictly Fortnite and vlogs. We are able to say that Preston has a good relationship with his family.

So, where is PrestonPlayz house? We are sure that you are so curious to know this information. Apparently, his house near the rest of his family.

Besides, Preston has worked as a lifeguard. But, he was unable to attend the Pack ski trip because his brother named Daka was getting married. Now, Preston has a sister in law called Olga. Then, Daka and Olga have a daughter called Ariana. Now, you may also want to know the journey of his story love. InPreston started dating with a girl called Brianna Paige Barnhart. His girl friend also has a channel named Turnthepaige. Since March 1,her channel has over 65, subscribers.

If you want to watch that video, so you are able to watch that video now. For your information, Brianna Paige Barnhart is a nurse who like so much singing and acting.

Mr Beast Merch Hoodie.Preston Arsement can be regarded as one of the greatest and successful American gaming YouTubers of all time. He regularly uploads videos on his YouTube channel related to various kinds of games such as FortniteMinecraftand Call of Duty.

His birth sign is Taurus. He resides with his step-father, David Arsement, and mother, Jaye Arsement. Moreover, Preston has two biological older brothers, Daka and David. Both of his biological brothers used to serve as a Navy officer. As per youtube. After the talk, Aunt Tammy fixed a meeting between Brianna and Preston.

When they met each other, they had a six-hour coffee date. Later, they decided to meet each other more often. Soon, they fell in love and began to date. Following some brief time, Preston decided to propose Brianna. After seven months, on 12th Maythe engaged duo shared the wedding vows at Dallas Union Station. Since then, Preston and Brianna have always been together.

Her father is a physician whereas, her mother, Benny Barnhart, serves a schoolteacher. After that, she went to Simmons University in Boston. Preston Arsement stands at the height of 5 feet 11 inches 1. He was passionate about gaming from a young age. His passion further grew after his mother brought him a Sega Genesis console with Sonic the Hedgehog. He has garnered a fan following of more than 1. He likes to play sports like soccer, baseball, and basketball. Published contents by users are under Creative Commons License.

Wedding, Family, Net Worth. Nick Grimshaw Boyfriend, Gay, Salary. Wells Adams Age, Girlfriend, Wedding.YouTube star Preston Arsement has switched his focus to gaming content he can easily film from home, and has been leaning into direct sales from his merchandise business, as the coronavirus pandemic causes deep shifts in the influencer business.

Arsement's main channelwhich has These videos require a team of producers, videographers, talent, and social distancing has made it difficult to film new content.

All new videos appearing on his main channel had been filmed before social-distancing measures took effect, he said. He earns a chunk of his revenue from the Minecraft servers he runs for seven figures annually and also has several investments in real estate and game development, he told Business Insider in August. Arsement's company consists of a person staff, including his parents to help him. Since the coronavirus outbreak in the US, everyone has been working remotely, he said.

Arsement isn't the only internet creator to shift strategies. Many Instagram and YouTube stars have begun focusing on different categories of content and long-term bets like direct-to-consumer businesses as influencer marketing campaigns get put on hold and ad rates drop.


Arsement's top YouTube channels are Preston Over the last few weeks, he also launched a few new "experimental channels" for more gaming videos, he said. Across his nine YouTube channels, Arsement's viewership almost doubled last month, from million views in February to million views by the end of March, he said. Even the channels he hasn't uploaded new content to are seeing a spike in views.

Hours watched on YouTube gaming content went up Arsement creates "family friendly" content across all of his YouTube channels, which he believes has also played a role in his viewership. YouTube creators like Arsement earn money a number of ways, including direct-to-consumer sales, brand sponsorships, and revenue earned directly from YouTube.

YouTube pays creators a rate for every 1, views on videos monetized with ads, called the CPM rate. This rate changes based on factors like viewer demographic and content, among other things.

Direct sales can stabilize an influencer's income in a time when advertising revenue decreases. Other creators in categories like fitness told Business Insider that recently they have been leaning into DTC program sales.

Arsement runs his merch business in-house and has a warehouse where he ships T-shirts, hoodies, and other branded accessories, which he sells online through the e-commerce platform Shopify. This is a different set-up than some other top creators, like David Dobrik 16 million subscriberswho sell merchandise through a company like Fanjoywhich handles all of the distribution and production.Professional leagues have been halted or postponed, while WWE pre-taped its WrestleMania event without a live audience.

However, others are using the shutdown as a way to spark innovation in gaming, all while satisfying fans. Last year, he began streaming less on the video game side and began focusing more on his popular in-real-life IRL channel where audiences see a playful side of him that includes family-friendly pranks and challenges with other famous YouTube personalities. With states and local governments placing stay-at-home orders throughout the country, Arsement shifted his strategy to not only experiment with new content that his audience needs, but to also offer an escape from the real world.

Arsement is recognizing the challenges but welcoming the new normal. Some of this new content includes collaborations with other YouTubers to provide gaming content, repurposing existing videos and creating similar IRL videos but with a gaming twist. He also created video challenges to raise money for charity organizations such as the World Health Organization, Meals on Wheels and local organizations based in the Dallas area.

Arsement is looking to keep momentum. Get the latest on L. Hot Property. About Us. Brand Publishing.

How gamer ‘PrestonPlayz’ is adjusting to new coronavirus reality

Times News Platforms. Times Store. Facebook Twitter Show more sharing options Share Close extra sharing options. April 10, The doctor is in: Meet Dr Disrespect, who hopes to be a pioneer in online gaming. Dr Disrespect hopes to become a pioneer in the online gaming community and recently signed an exclusivity agreement to stream on Twitch. Los Angeles will be home to largest public esports arena on West Coast this summer. Localhost Los Angeles will be the largest public esports arena that will be built on the West Coast with a grand opening this summer.The channel started about a year and a half before his main channel.

PrestonGamez was originally supposed to be for non-Minecraft related games, though it continues to have no uploads to this date. PrestonMobile formerly PrestonRoblox is his Roblox channel. This channel is inactive as of today.

For the name change of "PrestonRoblox" to "PrestonMobile", he may use this channel for mobile games. However, he now does Java Edition videos on there as well. David and Daka served in the navy but Daka finished safe and alive. His biological mother and adoptive father married when he was three months old, but he stated that his new father loves him as much as his biological children. He has also said that he expresses no desire to meet his biological father. All in all, he has a very good relationship with his family.

Preston currently lives in a condo in Dallas, Texas, presumably near the rest of his family. Preston has previously studied at the Travis Academy of Fine Arts and has worked as a lifeguard. Preston was unable to attend the Pack ski trip because his brother Daka was getting married. Preston now has a sister in law named Olga. Daka and Olga now have a daughter Ariana and Preston is a proud uncle.

She also has a channel called Turnthepaige and as of March 1,and has over 65, subscribers. This was confirmed on April 18,though in FebruaryPreston and Paige sadly broke up for an unknown reason, though they are still very good friends.

Preston later got engaged to Brianna Paige Barnhart in October of and they were married in May of She has appeared on many of Minecraft, Fortnite, and Roblox videos on his channels. Preston thinks he is very handsome. Preston: "You are a very mighty fine cactus If I do say myself. This page was made March 20, by AJMaster Sign In Don't have an account?

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Where is PrestonPlayz House?

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preston arsement house

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preston arsement house

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