Shahnaz Pahlavi was born in Tehran on 27 October They have one son, Keykhosrow born 20 Novemberand one daughter, Fawzia born During her father's reign, Shahnaz had investments in agricultural enterprises and assembly plants of Honda bicycles and motorcycles. Photo by Cecil Beaton. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Shahnaz Pahlavi Shahnaz Pahlavi in Ancestors of Shahnaz Pahlavi Captain Murad Ali Khan 8. Major Abbas Ali Khan 4. Noush Afarin Ayromlou 2.

Nimtaj Ayromlou Zahra Khanum 1. Princess Shahnaz Pahlavi of Iran Isma'il Pasha, Khedive of Egypt Hoshiar Walda 6. King Fuad I of Egypt Ferial Hanem 3. Princess Fawzia Fuad of Egypt Nazli Sabri Tewfika Hanim Nazli Hanim. Coronation of the Shah of Iran in — Princess Shahnaz second from left. Retrieved 10 October The Leader Post. New York. Retrieved 10 November Lawrence Journal.

Retrieved 13 November Ocala Star Banner. Lewiston Evening Journal. Retrieved 23 July Retrieved 16 July Retrieved 4 November And for all who know her story, the captivating yet controversial life of Farah Pahlavi remains nothing short of fascinating.

Cyr, and his wife Farideh Diba Ghotbi. Her idyllic childhood, however, was marred by the untimely death of her father, with whom Farah was especially close, when she was just eight years old.

Before his death, Sohrab had instilled in his daughter a love of the French language which was widely spoken in Tehran and culture. And from her mother, Diba inherited a streak of independence and forward thinking. Farideh refused to make her daughter wear a veil and, far from selling her off in an arranged marriage, encouraged her to go study architecture in Paris on a scholarship.

Mohammed Reza Pahlavi had grand visions for his country. From the beginning, the shah made it clear to his future bride that her role would not be just ceremonial, as it had for the queens of the past. Diba was also unique in that her own financial problems and experience as a student gave her an insight into the struggles of the poorer sectors of the country. Wikimedia Commons Farah Pahlavi at work in her Tehran office.

Empress Farah Pahlavi – The widow of the Shah

Rather than focusing on buying back ancient Iranian artifacts, Pahlavi decided to instead invest in a collection of modern art.

InAndy Warhol even traveled to Iran to create one of his famous silkscreen portraits of the empress. Wikimedia Commons The shah and shahbanu with the Kennedys in Although Iran enjoyed an economic boom thanks to its oil reserves, in the s the country also stood on the front lines of the Cold War.

The same oil that made Iran rich was also an irresistible draw to both Western and Soviet powers, who each tried to exert their influence on the country. The shah and upper classes tended to favor the countries of Europe and the United States particularly after a failed communist-influenced uprising in the s had temporarily forced the shah to flee.

Certain elements of Iranian society, however, were furious with what they saw as the abandonment of their traditional culture and values. The Muslim cleric Ruhollah Khomeini was one of the loudest voices calling for the overthrow the shah. Khomeini had been exiled in but had been continuing to sow the seeds of discontent in Iran via radio.

For all his good intentions, the shah was still a dictator with the power of life or death over his subjects and his brutal suppression of protesters only fueled a cycle of violence in the country. Wikimedia Commons Anti-shah protesters deface pictures of the empress. The demonstrations quickly turned into riots, with Khomeini consistently fueling the flames. The royal family fled their homeland before finally seeking refuge in the United States in The shah died in Egypt in and the exiled Farah Pahlavi currently divides her time between the United States and Europe, having never set foot back in Iran.

The legacy of Farah Pahlavi is a mixed one.Written by Vincent Meylan. Vincent Meylan is a specialist in precious stones and high jewelry. Soraya Esfandiary Bakhtiari never imagined that one day she would marry Mohammad Reza Pahlavi, and that she would reign over her country, Iran. She was queen for seven years, from to Brought up between Isfahan a town in Iran and Europe, Soraya had a relatively free adolescence.

It was Princess Shams, older sister of the Iranian sovereign, who discovered this "rare pearl" during one of her stays in London. First married to Princess Fawzia of Egypt, the sovereign had only one daughter, Shahnaz, and a younger brother, Ali Reza, to succeed him.

When his marriage to Fawzia ended in divorce, it was essential that the Shah remarry to ensure the succession of the Crown and the stability of the country. From their first meeting in London, Princess Shams was convinced that the young Soraya was the wife her brother needed, and she invited her to return with her to Tehran.

Two days after her arrival in the Iranian capital, Soraya was invited to dinner with the queen mother, Tadj ol-Molouk. During the dinner, the Shah was announced. The following day, Soraya's father said to her: "The Shah liked you very much. Are you ready to marry him?

farahnaz pahlavi husband

Twenty-four hours later their engagement was announced and Soraya, aged 18, had a magnificent diamond on her finger, given to her by the Shah. Celebration and tragedy. The wedding should have followed quickly. However, Soraya became bedridden for several weeks after contracting typhoid.

Legend recounts that the Shah brought her a jewel every day and placed it on her pillow. The wedding finally took place on February 12, After weeks of illness, the event would prove a physical test for Soraya.

She could hardly stand up. Outside, snow fell on the city. The Shah ordered the installation of dozens of wood burners in his freezing palace, in an attempt to alleviate her suffering. Judging this insufficient, the court doctor prescribed that Soraya wear a woolen vest under her dress until the last possible moment.

Prince Alireza Pahlavi

She put on a pair of woolen socks under her skirts. Christian Dior was commissioned to create the wedding dress, but made the outfit too large and too heavy for Soraya. The twenty meters of white silk that made up the dress were overloaded with gold embroidery and strass.

The result was a wedding dress that weighed more than 30 kilograms.

farahnaz pahlavi husband

The ultimate luxury? Why was the year of the colored diamond. Minutes before the ceremony, the Shah and one of his aides used scissors to cut away eight meters of the train, in order to relieve Soraya of some of the weight. Relieved, the new Queen of Iran could just about remain standing during the reception that followed the religious ceremony.A month later on November 21,the royal engagement was announced with a wedding date set for the 21st of December. Farah moved into private quarters within the palace complex as preparations for the wedding took place.

For the first time she realized how busy her future husband was as a head of State, and how precious and limited were the private moments he could take. It was also a time for Farah to get to know the rest of the royal family. She found her ability to bring harmony and balance in all situations very helpful not only with her in-laws, but in her future official role. After the wedding ceremonythe royal couple spent their honeymoon at Ramsar, a small town near Caspian Sea.

For such a private and intimate holiday, the royal couple preferred no place else than their beloved country. It did not take very long after her fairytale wedding for the new queen to get bored. She wanted to get to work and do something more meaningful and enduring than just attending official receptions and overseeing the royal household. On October 31,the Shahwho had waited a long time for an heir, told his beaming wife at her bedside that she had given birth to a son, Reza.

Read More Qamar al Molk Gholam Reza. Soraya Esfandiary. Yasmine Amini Noor Iman Farah. Announcements Photo Archive Video Archive. The Royal Family of Iran. All rights reserved.Grief Support. Alireza Pahlavi. Share Alireza's life story with friends and family. Boston police said they found a man dead from an apparently self-inflicted gunshot wound shortly after 2 a. Tuesday at a home in the city's South End neighborhood. Police would not confirm the man's identity, but a law enforcement official who was not authorized to release the man's identity and asked for anonymity confirmed that the man was Alireza Pahlavi, Fardia Pars, who is close to Reza Pahlavi, said by phone from Paris that Alireza Pahlavi went into a deep depression following his the death of hi s sister Leila inwho was found in a London hotel room at age 31 after overdosing on barbiturates.

Alireza Pahlavi never recovered, Pars said. Pahlavi's depression "grew over time - his departure from Iran, living in exile, the death of his father and then his sister to whom he was very close," said Nazie Eftekhari, who works in Reza Pahlavi's office in Washington and is a close family friend.

When Leila Pahlavi died, her mother said her daughter had been "very depressed. Pars said Alireza's style even in taking his life was militaristic in nature, reflecting his royal background. He was a very disciplined man," Pars said. He fled Iran and wandered from country to country, ill with cancer, and eventually died in Egypt in Alireza Pahlavi was born in Tehran in and attended school there untilaccording to a brief biographical sketch on the website of his mother, the former empress Farah Pahlavi.

Pahlavi studied music as an undergraduate at Princeton University and ancient Iranian studies as a graduate student at Columbia University. He also did postgraduate work at Harvard University in ancient Iranian studies and philology.

Pahlavi was not studying at the university at the time of his death, a Harvard spokesman said Tuesday. A police officer was seen late Tuesday afternoon going in and out of Pahlavi's Boston apartment and speaking with family representatives, who would not talk to reporters.

A neighbor, Dan Phillips, 42, said he did not know Pahlavi personally but recognized his picture and described him as someone who was very social and "who always dressed very dapper. Reza Pahlavi is based in the U. It's not clear how much weight exiled opposition forces have inside Iran, nor how many Iranians support the idea of a return to monarchy.

Pahlavi said in that that is not his goal. Pahlavi will head to Boston on Wednesday, Eftekhari said, and she expected his mother, who's in Paris, to go as well. Eftekhari said the family asks to be allowed to mourn privately for a few days and that no funeral arrangements have yet been made.Less than ten years later, inshe would lose her father at an early age; as Farah was very close to her father, his death deeply troubled her.

From this point, she was educated at the Italian School in Tehran. Empress Farah would obtain her baccalaureate from the Lycee Razi — a secular high school.

By 1 December of that same year, their engagement was announced with a wedding, which received worldwide press attention, just three short weeks later on 20 December when she was Upon her marriage, she was styled Queen of Iran, but she would be named the first Shahbanou, or Empress, of Iran and be crowned in the Coronation Ceremonies which was devised especially for her at the coronation.

She also would break barriers by being the first woman to donate blood in a Muslim country. She would also become a stepmother to his daughter, Princess Shahnaz Pahlavifrom his first marriage. Regarding her role in Iran as the Empress, Farah first limited herself to traditional ceremonial roles, but that would later change.

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She would become involved in government affairs that interested her and soon be the patron of 24 organisations with the themes of health, education and culture. Her importance and role were solidified when her husband, the Shah, named her regent if he were to die before their son reached his 21st birthday. The Iranian Revolution resulted in the Iranian Imperial Family going into exile on 16 Januaryfirst to Egypt before moving to Morocco for a short time as the guests of King Hassan.

Upon leaving Morocco, they went next to the Bahamas where they were granted temporary refuge.

Shahnaz Pahlavi

They would be forced to move again when this expired; the Imperial Family were next in Mexico where they rented a villa near Mexico City. He received medical treatment in the United States, but after his treatment, the Carter Administration did not allow them to stay in the US due to the tensions between America and Iran which had lead to the Iranian Hostage Situation.

The family were forced to move again to Panama. After getting word that the Panamanian government was potentially going to arrest them and extradite them back to Iran, Empress Farah reached out to her friend Jehan Al Sadat, the wife of Egyptian President Anwar Sadat, to be allowed to return to Egypt.

President Sadat granted them permission, and they arrived in Egypt in March The Shah would die just a few months later in July. Empress Farah and her family remained in Egypt until President Sadat was assassinated. As a result, the family moved to Massachusetts.

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farahnaz pahlavi husband

Yes, add me to your mailing list Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. We use cookies to ensure a personalised experience on our website.Sohrab Diba and Farideh Diba Ghotbi. Farah Pahlavi was studying architecture in Paris in when she was introduced to Mohammad Reza Shah Pahlavi of Iran at an embassy reception. Under the patronage of the Farah Pahlavi Foundation she financially supported a network of museums, art centers and dozens of charities.

She worked tirelessly to champion Iranian culture and the arts and to encourage community-based village enterprises to revitalize traditional handicrafts. She put her training as an architect to good use when she lobbied to save mosques and historic buildings from demolition, and by preserving open land from development so that parks and green spaces became a feature of crowded urban centers. Empress Farah broke many barriers during her two decades on the throne.

She was the first woman in a Muslim country to publicly donate blood. The Empress visited leper colonies in the late sixties and persuaded her husband to donate a parcel of land so that the lepers could be housed in a model community, receive an education and earn a working wage. She invited medical specialists from around the world to come to Iran to work with the lepers and advocated community-based methods to help them.

farahnaz pahlavi husband

Today she divides her time between France and the United States where her children and grandchildren live. She continues to work and speak out on behalf of her signature causes and is an enthusiastic supporter of Iranian artists and writers. She closely follows events back in Iran and is in daily contact with compatriots who write and express their support and friendship. Empress Farah has received numerous honorary doctorates and diplomas by many international institutions. She is also the recipient of numerous awards for her humanitarian efforts.

A short documentary about the life of Shahbanu Farah Pahlavi. Empress, with the style of Her Imperial Majesty. Language Options. Iryana Pahlavi. Print Email. Farah Pahlavi, Shahbanou of Iran.